We are Excequo Media Solutions...

...and we can create what you want. Our mission is to make the execution of your web projects and concepts quick, painless, and most of all: tailored to your needs and image.

A new start

I think I'll start this post by welcoming you to our new website!

For those who don't know us (probably most of you), Excequo started a few years ago. Because of a lack of time and money, we stayed in the shadows, using the name Excequo Media Solutions when doing website contracts here and there. April 23, birthday of Excequo, approaching, we decided to remake our website and to formally restart the company.

Excequo Media Solutions is a small team of people who love what they do. Whether it's programming or design, we are dedicated to what we do. I think that, when you are passionate about something, you can realize your dreams. My dream, our dream, is simply to create. Whether it's a website for my friend who sells hockey cards or the next Facebook, there's always this little pleasure, this pleasant thrill of having created something.

I am well known for writing novels, so I'll stop here. If you want to know more about us, our creations or the services we offer, please click on the links above. If you wish to contact us, again, there's a link at the top for that.

April 24 at 10:55pm